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I cleared more of my evening schedule to accommodate this final writing push. While I can’t cancel every commitment in February, at least I can say I have 23 hours every week to wrap up my novel.

As I’ve pointed out, this story is an epic fantasy. Other works that fall into this category include Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Sword of Shannara by Terry Brooks, The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, and the Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson. Put in reader’s terms, epic fantasies include story elements like the existence of magic, fictional other-worldly settings, classic hero-and-villain archetypes, plot-centric storytelling, etc.

On a side note, these elements should be seen as generalizations of epic fantasy, not rules. You might have more developed and complex characters who don’t fit well into archetypes. While magic is common in this genre, it is hardly required. But for Dragonwind, all of these elements are present, because those are the stories and characters I could read about forever.

Chapter 3:

Esco didn’t turn around. Kevalus prepared to offer an apology, but before his mouth opened to speak, he noticed his friend staring into the distance. A plume of dust moving from right to left along the Eppian Trail turned toward their location. It grew bigger. Someone approached on wagon. Not more well-wishers, Kevalus thought, as he had heard his share of condolences over the last few hours. Within minutes, it came into full view, and the only person he could see was a black-haired woman driving a team of burdles.

He walked up beside Esco. “Do you recognize her?”

Esco shook his head and walked quickly toward the lead wagon and pulled out a thick and gnarled staff of wood.

Kevalus raised his eyebrows. “You afraid of something?”

Esco turned and looked him in the eye, waving his hand toward the blackened debris. “You know who did all this yet?”

Kevalus rolled his eyes. “I think the eleven of us can take her,” and walked past him to greet their visitor.

Yesterday’s post includes an excerpt from Chapter 2. You can read it here. For Chapter 4, click here.

For more about the upcoming novel, Dragonwind: The Lost Land, click here.


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