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How to Laugh and Think Like a Christian

Churchy Wisdom in Bite-Sized Giggles

An assortment of amusing articles from Scott's Christian humor blog, Hermans Neutics.

The Mudman of Mount McKinley

A Short Tale About the Hazards of Curiosity

A light-hearted short story about a 6-year-old boy and a mountain of mud.

The Pastor and the Pumpkin Schnapps

A Scandalous Tale About Jealousy and Jack-o-Lanterns

A short story about a small church pastor comes home to discover a smashed jack-o-lantern on his front porch.

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What’s In a Title?

I have been evaluating the title of my upcoming novel, The Emerian Order. Specifically, I am holding it up to the titles of many other epic fantasy novels, both new and old. Some of my Read more…

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